Tatvamasi is yet another iconoclastic, genre-­hopping outfit. The group ploughs new musical furrows on Parts of the Entirety, framing its compositions around Slavic folk rhythms and melodic ornaments delivered with a rock attitude...
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Tom Greenland, The New York City Jazz Record, OCT 2014
Parts of the Entirety deals out all of modern jazz's best traits—playful performances, major/minor key ambivalence, asymmetric song shapes and the occasional art of the unlikely melody. It's the sound of things coming together. Better than The A-Team. Tatvamasi are a no-bull kind of group...
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John Garrat, Popmatters
"Tavtamasi have made a new thing, and it's a good new thing. The textures are mostly in rhythm-section-plus-lead territory, and much of Parts Of The Entirety's emotional power comes from the committed playing and engaged interactions of the musicians, but there's a sense of adventure that departs completely from the procedural conservatism of most modern jazz . Yet another fabulously inventive and beautifully performed release from Cuneiform"... more »
Olivier Arditi
"Admirers of fellow Cuneiform Records artists, Gutbucket andLed Bib or other groups embracing the jazz-rock and progressive rock genres may find a lot to get revved up about with the Polish quartet, Tatvamasi"... more »
"Undoubtedly this is one of the most interesting jazz-rock propositions that has emerged this year. Among national bands they can compared only to Light Coorporation, but it seems that I am unable to decide which one of them I like best...If you’re looking for a really vivid and exciting music, you have to check them out. Tatvamasi, at its weight category, can compete with the international champions... more »
Krzysztof Pabis, ProgRock
"Every playing of the album opens new door. It becomes more and more interesting and clearer than at the first sight. I think that Tatvamasi commences to create its own musical genre and I am looking forward with great pleasure to their further steps... more »
Alicja Cieloch - 5kilokultury.pl
"Tatvamasi is very much in line with some of my other favorite recent releases (Dylan Ryan, Jason Robinson) as well as things from the past (Kilgore Trout, Stinkhorn). All in all, an outstanding set of music, and one I'm sure to revisit for years to come... more »
John Davis, Exspose
This is a most impressive debut release, promising interesting future and establishing once more the Polish scene as one of the leading sources of new and fascinating music. Very well done indeed!... more »
Adam Baruch - critic